Day 2 – 21 days challenge

Some day you don’t have anything to do. As per my challenge i woke up at 4:30 am in the morning and decided to do reading and updating my blog but when i woke up first of all i felt does this waking up really required as it was observed that this monkey mind always find an alternative to the things you want to do . Well if you are able to control this monkey mind then you are the king of your mind. Never let this monkey conquer your thoughts make this monkey your slave rather than crowning him with the most important person for you.

I guess for every course of aaaaactions there should be a concrete path which you lead to effective time management and in my case this was not there. I just decided to wake up early in the morning  rather than thinking what i would be doing post wake up and believe me i was out of action activities to be done.

Well the light i want to put is that every course of actions should be followed with detailed planning so that you don’t get sucked

Somedays you dont have anything to do,

One day you will do what you love to do,

Or say yourself that i will do what i  love to do,

Otherwise everyone is doing what i do.



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