Weekly To-do List – 1st Target

This is the weekly goal list wherein I will share my goal for this week and will try to complete the list for the week and on Sunday I will evaluate the results of same.

Guys wish me luck because this time I am not believing and I am going to believe in the hard work I am going to do. So here is the deal I will try to achieve the goal and you will the help me with the luck.
Everyday I am going to list down what I have learned from the day and also the progress status of the same. This time I need to break the chain of doing nothing and get things done from my brain.

Monday would be the day of identification of new goal. Every day there would be the list of actions taken towards the goal and on Sunday there would be the test of the goals and will be evaluated by senior or by Urvi.

So Goal for (19 Dec 2016 – 25 Dec 2016) would be to take classes on mastery of selling and personal behavior.

Below are the targets to be accomplished:

  • I will be doing 2 online courses on how to sell the ideas/products
  • I will read one book selling techniques
  • I will read 5 medium post or best post for selling and make a points/whiteboard video from the same.
  • I will apply my selling technique for getting one Disti / WinkWisor client I will try approaching that from Thursday. (At least 20 approaches to be made – 10 each)

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