Welcome to Akash Bagrecha personal Blog. This blog “Iamfoundr” would provide you insight into Investment Banking and ways to become finance nerd, My learnings on Photography and guitar as a hobby

I will share my learnings from Investment Banking Job and will try to make it more simple and will update financial terms and methodologies in simple manner as learnt from books and other sources. I will also share how I am making new hobbies and how I am learning the same.

For work, I am Analyst for Boutique Investment Banking firm specializing in raising funds for real estate sector across India. Managed to Raise INR 700 Cr for developer in less than year

My Quick Resume

  1. Blogger of “IamFoundr”
  2. Analyst position in Investment Banking firm
  3. Ex- ICICI Bank Policy and Risk Manager
  4. Chartered Accountant
  5. Article Assistant at Hinesh Dosi & Co for 3 years

My Skillset

  1. Financial Modelling
  2. Excel and Powerpoint
  3. Business Development
  4. Business Models preparation

My Hobbies

  1. Playing Guitar
  2. Photography
  3. Gymnasium
  4. Reading Books and
  5. Music